Associate Director

Architecture combines Patrick’s interests in art and construction, and this balance of creativity and practicality is harnessed in his senior role at Woodward Architects. Overseeing all projects by monitoring, coordinating and leading collaborative efforts, Patrick is known for his well-rounded approachability – a quality that equally serves clients, consultants, builders and teammates.

As a long-time friend of Matt’s and having attended the same university, their shared interest in architecture eventually led Patrick to the practice, with a confidence in their aligned architectural foundations and principles. The synergy has grown with the portfolio of projects they’ve worked on together, with Stonelea a particularly rewarding experience for Patrick, given the opportunities presented by the client, site and builder.

Patrick’s passion for learning is fuelled through his work, with music, surfing and fishing providing out-of-office counterpoints.

B. Sci (Arch), B.Arch (Hons), University of Newcastle

Bruce Rickard & Associates, Sydney
FJMT, Sydney
PJMA, Sydney