Nic Raczka


Whether a calming sanctuary or a space that challenges a typical use, Nic is interested in how architecture shapes the way people use space, create experience and memories. To Nic, architecture is closely linked with neighbourhood and community – both as built forms in a landscape and through their occupants and passers-by. These dynamic relationships are explored through the context- and climate-aligned residential projects Nic works on with the team.

Nic’s background in visual arts encourages him to approach spaces through the lens of composition – not just aesthetic, but also as containers for actions that form or challenge routines. This sensitivity to experience informed Nic’s graduation project, which was identified by the Black Dog Institute as significant work exploring the relationship between phenomenology, the built form and its impact in trauma-based therapy.

With a strong intellectual grounding, Nic also enjoys art exhibitions and camping; both environment and conceptual work by others help him recharge and shift perspective.

B.Arch, M.Arch, B.Fine Arts (Photography), University of New South Wales

Davis Architects, Byron Bay
NTA, Sydney