Communications & Design

As a prolific drawer from a very early age ‘everything from mundane objects to portraits and patterns (and horses, lots of horses)’, Michelle was exposed to architecture via her major university project in environmental design, influenced by James Turrell’s lighting installations mimicking the Ganzfield Effect.

Joining artist/architect Richard Goodwin’s Porosity Studio further cemented her interest in the intersection between art, design and architecture, and this interest deepened in her time as Senior Designer at an architectural media company.

As the graphic design expert behind Woodward Architects’ stationery, monograph books, brochures and rebrand, Michelle’s design eye appreciates the simplicity of form and attention to detail and place in Woodward Architects projects – qualities she cultivates in her own output. The practice’s inclination towards natural and tactile materials also resonates – during cathartic seaside runs, the patterns, colours and textures of nature feed Michelle’s curiosity and inform her creativity.

Bachelor of Design, College of the Fine Arts, Sydney
(with exchange at Politecnico di Milano)

Indesign Media Asia Pacific, Sydney
The Gallery, Sydney
Inkling, Australia