Cote Homestead – Design Development

Across a natural ridge over a slope of heritage vineyards, lies a sequenced ternary of interconnected pavilions. The site beholds considerable viticultural clout as part of the original Audrey Wilkinson’s Estate in one of Australia’s most established wine regions. Here, the pragmatic demands of a working estate are combined with the refined easiness of a Sydney family’s country retreat.

The pavilions are arranged with poetic rationality and are unified by a series of covered open-air connections. As you arrive at the entry, you are first greeted by the memory conjured by the heritage wine vat under the ridge. The first pavilion is for guests and for the enjoyment of wine and is oriented to capture the views towards the Brokenback Range. As you gently ascend alongside a sloped garden, you are greeted by two other pavilions at the crest; one for living and the other for sleeping. Here, the view bursts into a northern panorama over wine estates towards Barrington Tops.

The restrained material palette of stone and whiteness accompanies both the spatial and formal purity of the pavilions. The choreography of circulation incorporates sky, ground and views with cantilevered overhangs that provide functional protection from harsh Australian conditions. There is a considered balance of openness and privacy for family and friends and a mindfulness of surrounding nature in one of Australia’s most celebrated wine destinations.