Nashcap CLT Office Pods

Fitting out and scaling offices up or down is typically a costly and labour-intensive exercise. A collaboration between Woodward Architects and Urban Logistics Co has risen to this challenge with the design of office pods fabricated from cross-laminated timber (CLT), offering an ecologically conscious and affordable solution for reconfiguring rigid industrial spaces into flexible environments that are quiet, private and aesthetically considered.

The concept has the capability to revamp previously hard-edged industrial sites into dynamic and multi-purpose office spaces. It’s a two-fold approach to sustainability – not only is CLT renowned for its sustainability credentials but the pods enable the repurposing of existing building stock, utilising the energy already embodied in the structure and reducing the impact associated with demolition and new construction.

With a clean aesthetic, the soothing tones and materiality of the timber projecting an aura of calm and inspiration, the CLT Office Pods have the potential to transform not only the construction process but to enhance the experience of the workplace itself.

Words by Fergus Bolton-Hall for The Local Project