Bilgola Beach Pavilion

Amongst the palm trees; the impression of being-in and around the Bilgola Beach Pavilion. Situated on the foothills to Bilgola
Beach in Sydney’s north, the pavilion emerges over a sloping meadow of heritage-listed Cabbage Tree Palms.

The clients’ brief was to create opportunities for art-making and family gathering. As an addition to an existing weatherboard
cottage, the pavilion was to include a large living space and artist’s studio that was connected to the cottage through a new
entry vestibule and courtyard. The design was to negotiate the existing array of heritage-listed palms, which were to be

Our response was to celebrate these palms. Like slender stalks, the lightweight pavilion floats gently over the clearing on
slender steel columns. The building is scalloped into two bays around a palm, so that the tree is integral in defining space
and program between the living room and studio.